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Puerto Rican Independentistas, Washington DC, 1954

Felicia Montes with Zapatistas in Chiapas
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East Los Angeles Chicana Delegation to Chiapas, 1997

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Centuria Antonio Guiteras International Brigade, Spain, 1937


Mapping RAZA Life, Culture and Politics Worldwide

Reflections on the Evolving Nature of Latinx Identity, Culture & Politics

Why We Founded the Global Latinidades Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Ben Valdez Olguín
Professor, Robert & Liisa Erickson Presidential Chair in English
Director, The Global Latinidades Project

Who are Latinx people? What does Latinidades signify? And what is the Global Latinidades Project? Well, it’s complicated, very complicated, and controversial, with very many points of disagreement that one might call a general dissensus… and this is a good thing!

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Decolonial Studies Scholar Roberto D. Hernandez Interview with Ben V. Olguín


At a Glance

Keep up to date on global latinidades.

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Global Impact

Student Researchers Propelling the Field of Latinx Studies Towards New Global Horizons

Alejandro Ollin Prado, PhD Student
My research investigates the local-global dialectic in contemporary Chicanx communities in global Los Angeles, California. Through a focus on culture, labor, urban development, and logistics, I explore the transnational components of contemporary Chicanidad as it engages in complex transcultural exchanges with Asian Americans and broader Chinese international capital. The Global Latinidades Project has enabled me to develop this research by engaging scholars in local and national venues as well as international ones in Cuba and China. This research and international dialogue, I hope, will help us continue to gain ever more complex materialist understandings of Chicanidad in a global context.