Overview of Grants-in-Aid Parameters & Protocols

The Global Latinidades Project offers Grants-In-Aid for research related expenses for student, faculty, and community researchers as outlined in Funding Opportunities. To be eligible for funding, researchers must be undertaking original work on topics that further the vision, mission, and goals of the Global Latinidades Project. (Please see the Global Latinidades Project Vision and Mission before applying for support.)

Priority is given to research in Latinx Studies, allied ethnic studies, as well as related area studies (Latin American, Global South, Postcolonial, Decolonial, and Global Studies) in ways that situate the local in relation to the global. Scholars in Latinx Studies are ideal applicants, but applicants may be specialists in any number of fields, areas, and disciplines provided their project explores the global resonances of localities in ways that enhance efforts to complicate and expand the field of Latinx Studies. This aspect must be clearly demonstrated in the funding request.

Global Latinidades Project funding amounts vary based on the project design and purpose of the requested resources. Applicants must include an itemized budget and research schedule, and also demonstrate that they have sought, or will seek, supplemental funding from additional sources. Categories of Grant-in-Aid funding include the following:

  • partial tuition and fees to participate in specialized colloquia and institutes nationally or internationally
  • fieldwork in local, regional, national, and international contexts (e.g., travel & lodging, etc.)
  • research materials (e.g., software, hardware, supplies, archival materials, etc.)
  • other research-related costs

Funding recipients must acknowledge support of The Global Latinidades Project, Robert and Liisa Erickson Presidential Chair in English, and the appropriate grant from which resources are drawn (to be identified in the award notification), in advertising, publications, exhibits, and programming directly and indirectly supported by this award.

Applicants must complete and submit an online application that can be accessed below.