Overview of Global Latinidades Project Institutes & Initiatives

The Global Latinidades Project pursues an expansive intersectional, comparative, transdisciplinary, and transhemispheric approach to the recovery and analysis of Latinidades in the interstices between Area Studies and Ethnic Studies, as well as the spaces beyond these fields in dialogue with Global Studies. Specifically, this initiative focuses on unique Latinidades that are synthesized through cross-cultural encounters, transversal dialogues, and transculturation with peoples and cultures throughout the world over time and place, including Africa and the Mediterranean, Asia and the Pacific Islands, subaltern Europe, and under-examined areas of the Americas. The Global Latinidades Project's funded institutes and initiatives include the following:

  • Global Latinidades Consortium (partnership between UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Merced)
  • AfroLatinidades Institute (partnership with Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Texas Southern University)
  • Voces Nuevas Latinx Author Series (partnership with UCSB Multicultural Center and El Centro Santa Barbara)
  • Barrio Internship Program (partnership with El Centro Santa Barbara, and Santa Barbara County Immigrant Legal Defense Center)
  • Local/Global Pedagogy & Praxis Workshops (partnership with Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy)
  • Global Spains Summer Program (partnership with Dume University, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and YoSoyElOtro)

The following multimedia projects are listed under Media:

  • Raza World Visions Radio Show on 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara
  • Raza Oral History and Videography Project