The Global Latinidades Consortium


The Global Latinidades Project has received a $1.8 million multi-year grant to extend this Latinx Studies globalization initiative into a five-campus Global Latinidades Consortium—UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Davis—with each campus hub pursuing a unique trajectory exploring the interstices between Latin American Studies and Latinx Studies, and the spaces beyond in dialogue with Global Studies.

Principal Investigator Ben Olguín at UCSB is pursuing and supporting research on internationalized paradigms of Latinidades and intersecting identity formations that extend through and beyond cultural nationalisms and the nation-state. Co-Principal Investigator Arturo Arias at UC Merced is pursuing and supporting a critical Mesoamerican and global indigenous studies agenda that links with the contemporary flow of indigenous migrants, and establishment of new multi-generational indigenous Latinx communities in the US.

Co-Principal Investigator Cecilia Rivas at UC Santa Cruz is developing her campus as a hub for Central American Studies in the UC System and also pursuing and supporting research in this area. Co-Principal Investigator Ricky Rodriguez at UC Riverside is pursuing and supporting the expansion of transnational critical popular musicology, media, and cultural studies with partnerships in underclass contexts in Scotland and US barrios. Co-Principal Investigator Ofelia Cuevas at UC Davis is interweaving critical prison studies and revolutionary social movements in partnership with the renowned Taller Arte Nuevo Amanacer community arts center through a series of collaborative activities that involve local and international artist, scholar, and activist collaborations.

Consortium member activities and events are announced in the News and Events, and more information is available by contacting each campus Co-Principal Investigator.