Abby Welch


Abby Welch

Afrolatinidades Research Assistant

AfroLatinidades Institute

Abby is currently a 4th year Linguistics major at UCSB. Her research interests include raciolinguistics, multilingual learners, and heritage language learning. She became interested in working with the Global Latinidades Institute after spending summer 2023 in Madison, Wisconsin researching white teacher perceptions of Latine students and how these perceptions influence their instructional strategies. She is very interested in working to expand public ideas about what encapsulates Latinidad and highlight the experiences of those underrepresented in Latine spaces. After graduation, she will continue at UCSB as an M.Ed. and Single Subject-English teaching credential candidate at the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education. Her hope is to be able to diversify the teacher workforce in Santa Barbara County and help build better support systems for emerging multilingual learners. 

Abby Welch standing in front of the Japanese garden in San Francisco
Abby Welch sitting at a cafe in New York City
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