Chuy Valle


Chuy Valle

Somos Semillas Garden Coordinator, Community Organizer

El Centro Santa Barbara

Chuy Valle was born and raised on Chumash land (Carpinteria, CA) to migrant parents, but grew up between borders with a connection to their homelands of Michoacan & Jalisco Mexico. For the past four years they have been participating in the community out of El Centro Santa Barbara through autonomous education programs, performance & storytelling events, knowledge shares, and now with a more recent collaboration called the Somos Semillas Food Sovereignty Project. Chuy is an organizer, mixed-media storyteller, and “Do-It-Yourself” Artist who actively participates in building cooperative and participatory structures that support people's power. Their work is centered around (re)imagining our futures through stories and action in order to honor our interconnectedness and (re)build our relationship to land and each other. They strongly believe that art, writing, food, and performance are ways in which we can construct healthier spaces of belonging. Their work primarily focuses on mutual aid and creative projects with other queer, black, indigenous, and people of color through collaborations with cooperatives, autonomous collectives, grassroots organizations, frontline groups, and nonprofits.