Global Latinidades: Towards a Transhemispheric Latina/o/x and Chicana/o/x Studies

Roberto Macias Jr., Cecilia Rivas, Michael A. Parra, and B. V. Olguín (co-curators)

The double-dossier includes scholarly essays, critical testimonial reflections, and additional creative-critical explications that focus on the geopolitical, demographic, and cultural imperatives in the US and globally that have posed new challenges and opportunities for researchers in the ever-evolving field of Latinx Studies. This includes an expansive range of Latinx epistemologies and ontologies, or Latinidades, synthesized through encounters and dialogues with peoples, cultures, and paradigms throughout the world.


"Introduction," by Roberto Macias Jr., Cecilia M. Rivas, Michael A. Parra, and B. V. Olguín

"'What Has Brown Done for Me Lately?' The (Im)possibilities of Recuperating Brownness after 9/11," Roberto Macias Jr.

"LatinX Spain + Hispanidad," Claudia Milian

"Xicano 'World' Traveling and World Making," Roberto D. Hernández

"On Becoming Chicano in Europe: John Rechy's Immanently Queer Latino Solodado Razo Flâneur in Paris, 1950-52," Michael A. Parra

"the-Mex-is: Guillermo del Tolo's Silver Angel versus The Strain (of the Political Economy of Vampirism)," Amy Sara Carroll

"Rolas de Nipón: Listening for the Chicanx-Japanese Music in the Documentary Our Man in Tokyo," José G. Anguiano