In the Long Run: The Life & Legacy of Barrio Intellectual Luis J. Rodriguez in Local & Global Contexts

Eds. Josephine Metcalf & B.V. Olguín

Luis J. Rodríguez is a prominent Latinx poet, memoirist and activist renowned for his candid visceral accounts of urban working-class life that includes youth gang violence, incarceration and drug abuse, grueling factory work and union organizing activities, and collective approaches to redemption, collective empowerment, and future revolutionary liberation, which has resonated across multiple communities in the U.S. and abroad. Accordingly, Rodríguez has been the focus of critical scholarship, yet huge segments of his life, work and legacy remain unexamined, particularly the impact of his life and work across local and global contexts. This anthology has commissioned new and unique critical essays and reflections on Rodríguez’s life and work for use across multiple audiences, from secondary and university institutions to broader communities of readers and writers. This anthology is designed to critically appraise the impact and contributions, as well as the complexities and contradictions of the entirety of his literary works and extra-literary activities.