Audrey Rodríguez


Audrey Rodríguez

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

AfroLatinidades Institute
Global Latinidades Project Consortium
Voces Nuevas Latinx Authors Series

Audrey Rodríguez is a senior-standing Undergraduate pursuing degrees in Philosophy and English at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Audrey participates in school publications, Philosophy-related extracurricular activities, and text transcription services that all inform her work with The Global Latinidades Center. Her being someone with familial ties across the United States, Latin America, and Spain situates her heritage directly at the point of contention and beauty that is La Raza.

Audrey's work with the Global Latinidades Center includes assisting in the organization and execution of events, the Voces Nuevas Initiative, working on an Honors Thesis supervised by Ben Olguín, selecting abstracts for conferences sponsored by the Center, and helping facilitate conferences sponsored by the Center. She will also be involved with the upcoming AfroLatinidades Summer Institute 2023.