Elijah Moss


Elijah Moss

Morehouse College Intern

AfroLatinidades Institute

Elijah “Eli” Moss, a native of Georgia and raised in Chicago, Illinois, is a third-year student at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia majoring in Theater & Performance Arts and Spanish. Early on, Eli discovered he shared a love for film, acting, and culture with his father. His love of art and culture evolved through involvement at his home church where his faith was shaped through an African-centered, global lens. At church, Moss participated in the robust media and performing arts ministries where he first engaged in culturally-based history and storytelling, rooted in the stories of Africans in diaspora. Eli is a product of the civil rights movement and activism is in his blood.  The grandson of a national civil rights leader, Moss has grown up in the context of community activism and organizing. He believes deeply in community service and spends his summers working with a free summer program on Chicago’s south side for children who have been traumatized by poverty, violence, and mass incarceration.  Moss was first introduced to Latin culture through a Spanish language class in middle school, however, in college, he began to curate an interest in the complexities of  Afro-Latin history, language and culture.  The African Diaspora, especially the impact of slavery in North, Central, and South America are of special interest. At Morehouse College, Eli is a member of the Howard Thurman Honors Program, the Spanish Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and is on the Dean’s List for academic achievement. Eli has been recognized for his media skills in the Atlanta University Center Campus Movie Festival where his short film, Hue Man, was noted for outstanding writing. An aspiring actor, Moss also has several short films to his credit, including the award-winning, Otis’ Dream. He is passionate and curious by nature and believes in embracing life and its endless possibilities. A love for literature and research has expanded his imagination and cultivated creativity in storytelling through film, writing, and other media formats.

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