Mariana Benitez Arreola


Mariana Benitez Arreola

Student Assistant

AfroLatinidades Institute

Mariana Benitez Arreola is a fourth year double majoring in Sociology and Latin American and Iberian Studies. She is also minoring in Professional Writing with an emphasis in civic engagement. As an aspiring writer, she hopes to change cultural misrepresentations within the media. Mariana is in the process of pursuing a Paralegal studies certificate and hopes to get more involved within the world of law. As someone who has had previous experience working at an immigration law firm, Mariana hopes to pursue a similar career in the future.

The research she has participated in has been focused mainly on the identity formation surrounding the notions of migration. Mariana was able to participate in research with San Juanita Garcia through the Chicana/o Department that targeted experiences of Mexican immigrants who are older than 65 and their relationship with mental health. Within this research, Mariana transcribed and coded interviews from the study and met with a research team weekly.

Mariana’s role at The Global Latinidades Center is that of an intern. She seeks to gather information and record the center’s past participants and experience for the center’s website. In her position, she hopes to uplift and update the website and its extensions regarding the Global Spain's Summer Program and the Afro Latinidades site. In addition to this she hopes to bring transformative ideas into the space and allow for the expansion of the center’s Instagram, Youtube and other media-related endeavors. 

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