Yunuen Gomez Ocampo


Yunuen Gomez Ocampo

Lecturer at the University of Alabama

Yunuen Gómez Ocampo is a lecturer in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics at the University of Alabama. Her research focuses on twentieth and twenty-first centuries Latin American and Latinx studies, cultural studies, migration studies, and gender theory. She is also a bilingual instructor with fifteen years of experience, and have been a multidisciplinary editor for twelve years. She holds a PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures, and a Doctoral Emphasis in Translation Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara as a UC MEXUS – CONACYT Doctoral Fellow (UC Institute for Mexico and the United States & Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología).

Throughout her career, she has developed projects related to contemporary art, literature and culture from different latitudes in the Spanish-speaking world, particularly relating to Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Latinx communities, and the Southern Cone. More recently, through her research and teaching, she investigates the Western concept of the body within the context of violence and forced displacement in Latin American and Latinx writers, artists and communities. Her interdisciplinary study draws from contemporary discussions on Borderlands theory, gender studies, human mobility, testimonial genres and visual art and literary theory in relation to migration, trauma and memory.

She is also a self-directed editor, translator and publisher with a Master of Arts in Publishing and experience overseeing all phases of the production process. As a research editor, she published the annotated edition, with an introductory essay, of La Vida Entera (The Whole Life, Mexico, Lectorum, 2012) by Cuban poet Virgilio Piñera, which enables the reevaluation of this important but overlooked writer and the cultural context of Grupo Orígenes.

As part of The Global Latinidades Project, Yunuen prepared manuscripts submissions of books and journal articles, prepared responses to peer-reviewers’ feedback, determined rights and permissions problems, followed-up on copyright image reproductions, and obtained various copyright permissions for research publications. In addition to this archival and editorial tasks, she handled research on operative ideas central to the manuscripts, particularly related to contemporary theories of violence in Latinx history, identity, and culture.

GLP Research Assistant