Karen Mosquera


Karen Mosquera

Texas Southern University Intern

AfroLatinidades Institute

Living in one of the largest cities in the United States, Karen Mosquera’s uprising is founded on diversity. On behalf of both her mother and father, she was birthed into the Colombian culture. Karen Mosquera was born and raised in a suburb respectably known as Alief in Houston, Texas. She holds the city close to her heart and the gems she has learned from it navigating through life; hard work ethic, strategic planning, and most importantly the value of being a personable individual.  As of now, she is currently a student at Jessie. H. Jones school of business at Texas Southern University. She is perusing a major in Finance with a minor in Political science as she chases her career as a data scientist. Her alliances with the AfroLatinidades Institute at the University of California at Santa Barbra is forthcoming; Karen Mosquera states, “I am blessed to have been presented with such great opportunity, to travel over to the West coast and obtain a new experience along with aggrandizing my knowledge in Afro Latino culture”.

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